I was recently contacted to let me know that the plans for the next What’s Your Game have been published and it would be wrong not to take a look. What’s Your Fair is a LARP equipment fair, tourney and banquet. If that sounds interesting here are more details

Date: 7th – 9th February 2014

Location: Blackfriars Priory and the New County Hotel, Gloucester.

IF you want to know what’s going on I’m going to quote directly from the site :

What’s Your Game is a destination event for Gamers of all sorts and all ages. We are aiming to have over 40 stalls who between them will meet the needs of gamers everywhere, it doesn’t matter if you LARP, Cosplay, Re-enact, Steampunk, Fantasy, Wargame, table-top, RPG, or board games. There will be a Wargames Tournament ; we will also have a bar, a tabletop and board gaming area, a live combat tournament, and an evening banquet with live entertainment for those of you who wish to make a weekend of it – whatever your game – What’s Your Game is the place for you!

The web site is also very information you can find it at: http://www.live-roleplaying.co.uk/Whats-Your-Game/Whats-Your-Game.html


This sounds like a good event – a place to eat, make merry , learn more about LARP and buy kit. Its a good sign that events like this are becoming an ongoing part of the UK LARP landscape.


The image for this post comes from Flickr user: Stevie-B and you can learn more about this photo if you click here.

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