Consequences or in this case Gothic Consequences (the name changes each year) is 4 day convention dedicated to Freeform LARP.  Looking at the Convention information Freeform looks like its taken to mean interactive improvisation without LARP combat.  On saying that taking a look at the game list for the convention suggests strongly that there is going to be a lot of fun and very wide diversity of game styles and content.

The convention looks like its going to be more than a collection of LARPs. It looks as if there are board games and tabletop games to help amuse you.

If you are interested the convention here are some details

Dates: November 21st – 24th –  2013

Web Site:

Cost: £26 (Note this does not include accommodation which must be booked separately)

The gothic image for this posting comes via Flickr user Bastiaan

Full details of this image can be found here

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