The categories for the UK LARP awards are out and they are:

  • Best Small Larp of the Year (less than 30 players)
  • Best Medium Larp of the Year (30-100 players)
  • Best Large Larp of the Year (over 100 players)
  • Best Family event of the Year
  • Best Grass roots system of the Year
  • Best New Larp of the Year (first event run since the 1st of March 2013)
  • Best Larp Producer – Foam/Latex
  • Best Larp Producer – Leather
  • Best Larp Producer – Costume
  • Best Larp Caterer
  • Best Creature Costume of the Year
  • On-line Retailer of the Year
  • In-field Retailer of the Year
  • NPC of the Year
  • Event Crew Member of the Year
  • Lord of Larp
  • Lady of Larp
  • Unsung Hero Award
  • Life Time Achievement

If you would like to nominate a person or group please send an email with as much detail on it as possible to: [email protected]

These awards have a Facebook group – take a look at :

You’ll the latest information there.

In addition there is also a Facebook group for the category of best photography categories. More details of these at:

Nominations close on 31st January 2014

The awards ceremony itself takes place on the evening of Saturday the 1st of March 2014 at the Stage Hotel, Leicester.

Whilst some might (and reasonably say) that it is hard to objectively judge these categories – mostly because LARP players can each only go to a limited number of games per year I still see great value in LARP awards. It is a forum for making each LARPers aware of what is going on and perhaps eventually it will help some games survive and thrive. Also if you have been to an event where something or someone was exceptional – it is a good opportunity to publicly say so.

The photo on this post is via Flickr user: jaeger  – Full details here

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