The King is dead. Long live the King. They say that two kings cannot sit the same throne. Which will you choose to support?

The Keshmiri port of Balsora hosts the Scholar Prince, rightful king of Perasia, for his coronation feast. His younger brother King Nazir the Just, jealously guards the crown and has claimed the throne for his own. Caught between the factions vying for the Scholar Prince’s salvation or destruction, heroes will decide the ultimate fate of these lands. But enemies wait around every corner and danger is never far away.

Mythlore - a hint of Persia

The award-winning world of Mythlore was created by SFX master Mark Cordory and boasts set-dressing, creatures and an immersive world that is second to none. Held in Candleston, the New Lands setting moves away from Albion for a time to view events in the countries surrounding the Persyrian Sea in the Mythic East. Players are encouraged to choose a nation that speaks to them most, and develop background to fit the sort of story they want to play. In particular, we have left some lands such as the Mughal Empire or the lands of Kush relatively undeveloped to give players more scope with co-creation of these nations’ histories and geography.

If the thought of being a hero in an epic story with both players and crew coming together to create an event that looks and feels like a living, breathing legend sounds appealing, please visit the website at:

Or search for the Facebook Group: ‘Mythlore LRP/LARP”

Content for this post is provided by Terry Laverty
The Photographs by: Jackie Barlow

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