You’ll find this listed as Dropzone 21 and takes place between May 24th and 27th. You can find more details are:

Taking a look at the site this looks like 4 games played over a 4 day period. It looks as if the games are inspired by British TV SF and horror- particularly those that came of the 70’s and 80’s.  This means that everyone playing should have an idea on how to play and an idea of what the story atmosphere will be like without anyone having to be an expert on the lore of a show Don’t get me wrong – basing a game in a well known universe can be effective (I have a fondness for some Star Trek and Buffy games run years ago, and more recently done to great effect with the Battlestar Galactica Universe ), can be nothing less than fantastic. But I have an instinct that says creating an atmosphere could be really good.

The games are run by Firefight – who specialize in laser tag larp, and who I was delighted to find out run a game based on UNIT and I do like the idea of letting loose five rounds rapid with a laser tag gun into an advancing Cyberman.

As you can guess – I like the idea but have not tried any of these games. Due to prior commitments I don’t think I’ll be able to get to these games – but if anyone does go – I’d love to see some pictures or a review.


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