Terra Nova 2013 has been announced for May 17.-19. Perhaps the final announcement was sort of late (though I did announce it on PoRtaL convention two months ago), but here it is – the terrain was arranged past weekend in Starigrad – near Koprivnica (which is important to note as it’s not the one on Hvar, nor the one at Paklenica, nor the one in Senj, nor any other place or old fort or castle with the same name in Croatia or any other slavic country, as it’s apparently a very popular name).

Sign-ups and tickets are available here. You can also join the event on Facebook or Google+. Setting info is available from the website. For all fresh news check out here – you can also sign up to receive news by e-mail.

Of course, like most larps I do this one is also made under Lateralus brand.


This article originally appeared on the Crolarper web site at: http://www.crolarper.com/2013/05/terra-nova-2013-announced.html


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