Over the last week LARPBook has experienced its heaviest ever interest in any single subject. That has been Profound Decisions’ Empire.

Empire is a new game – that ran for the first time at the start of March. It seems to have captured the imagination of the UK LARP community. Unfortunately I didn’t attend. This has turned out to be a shame because it looks like the worst March weather for decades did not dampen enthusiasm for the event.  I’ve been trying to wonder why it has been so successful. I won’t really know without attending but my best guess is that Profound Decisions put the game together at a good price, provided an engaging game universe and good plot. The basics that have to be right for any LARP to work. I’m also wondering if its because people are interested in a big new fest LARP?

If you have any thoughts on this – I’d love to hear them. Understanding why any LARP has generated interest is good for anyone thinking about putting a game together.

To follow up on this interest in Empire – here is the schedule of future events for Empire in 2013.

  • Spring Equinox – 24th May
  • Summer Solstice – 26th July
  • Autumn Equinox – 13th September

Here is the link to the Empire home page: http://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire?3

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