Nordic LARP has become one of the most talked about things in LARP, but trying out a real honest to goodness Nordic LARP game if you do not speak a Scandinavian language can be problem. However thanks to some posts on Google+ by Anna Westerling and Elin Dalstal I’ve put together this list of games running in the Summer where the primary language is English.  By the way Google+ is becoming a real hotbed of great LARP resources. If you are into LARP you should be looking at the communities and players on Google+

Back to English speaking Nordic LARP.

2 special mentions for games either running now or that are full. I have to mention these as one uses the best location I’ve ever heard of for a LARP and the is so highly original that it should be looked. These are The Monitor Celestra – A Battlestar Galactica LARP  – set on an actual warship; and Panopticorp 2013 – a game based on the immoral world of corporate life were you have to figure an advertising campaign that limits the freedom of the press.

Special mentions over lets move onto the summer.

First up is “Mad About the Boy“. An all female LARP running between June 27th and 30th. The web page is not up and running yet – its expected release date is 15th March. The game is all female as it is set in a world where all the men have died. As a man – not to keen on that idea. As an idea for a LARP love it as it really twists the world about.

Finally we have “Just a little loving” running between August 5th and 10th. This is a rerun of an earlier game set in the 1980’s that looks at life in New York and the impact of the Aids Epidemic. There’s a really good web site for this LARP at:


That’s two new games, 1 running game and 1 one full game. If anyone goes to any of these games I’d love to hear more about them.


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