Welcome to the world of Pirate LARP with the Midnight Fleet – a British LARP group creating games set in the heady Pirate times of the early eighteenth century.

Their next exent is Tortuga running between 1st March and 3rd March 2013

The event will take place at Candleston Campsite – a popular LARP Venue in South Wales.

Tickets for Tortuga are priced at £60, with an additional £10 charge if you want to stay overnight for a social evening after the game.

A couple of nice touches are that the game is supporting UK armed forces charity Help for Heroes and will also have the Crimson Moon Tavern on site who specialise in a Tavern experience for LARP and Re-Enactment events. Seems only right that a pirate game will have a good bar on site.

So buckle up me hearties – Yo- Ho!

The Picture – a pirate ship just off the coast of modern day Tortuga (aka the Caymans) comes via Flickr and is distributed using Creative Commons Licensing. For more information please follow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lyng883/133046951/in/photostream/



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