Adam Schemanoff is recruiting for the Legion Protectorate – an Orc group within the Profound Decisions – Empire game.

Here is Adams recruitment pitch – taken from Google+ posts to LARP Communities.

Group Name: Legion Protectorate

Group OC contact: Simon Schemanoff or Adam Schemanoff

Group IC leader: Gog (Adam Schemanoff) – OC we would like to keep this as a round table so everyone gets out off it what they put in.

Group hiring status: This group was formed as an open ended collection of players who did not fall under one of the above banners. The group concept was designed to reflect this so read on and join up if you so desire.

Current Group Size: 2+ and recruiting

Group IC Entrance Requirements: – Anything Goes!

Group OC Entrance Requirements: Orc kit as per the PD brief

Especially looking for: A few toughs for the heavy work but we will consider all skill sets.

Group Concept: The Legion is in use as a fighting military organisation for the Empire. However its camps and convoys are the only real sanctuary for an Imperial raised Orc to be found. The tribe mentality which runs deep in our blood means we leave no one behind.
The Protectorate could be viewed as a security force, but it could also be said that they are more of a guild or enterprize. Many Orc are not entirely combat driven brutes and monsters as many of the Imperial Humans and there bloodlines would believe. They are artisans, craftsmen, cooks, priests and mages. Whithout these Orcs the legions fighting machine would only run on charity and handouts which are not always freely forthcoming.
The Protectorate is a force within the Legions who take responsibilty for the protection of these souls. They enforce peace and settle disputes within the Legions. They guard vulnerable sections of the caravans when the Legions march. There members arrange trade for the supply of forces. They tend to the sick and wounded. They feed the children of the Legions.
Our kin, Our blood, Our home.


If you are interested the best way to get in touch with Adam is by email using: [email protected]


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