I’d like to welcome you to Mythlore. Running since 1985 Mythlore must be one of the UK’s longest running LARP groups. Instead of hearing more from me – here is a description of Mythlore and in particular Mythlore Reunion New Lands by Terry Laverty – one of the groups organisers.

Mythlore Reunion: New Lands presents a setting that is less based on ‘traditional’ fantasy tropes than it is on the stories of Sinbad or the Arabian Nights.

The system was begun by Mark Cordory, famous for his work on Doctor Who, and the costumes, creatures and effects are of the highest calibre. We want to offer a truly immersive experience to both ‘old hands’ of the Mythlore system and new players and we welcome anyone who wants to collaborate with us as a player in creating heroic adventures and tales in the lands surrounding the Persyrian Sea.

More informally- I was completely astounded by this year’s Mythlore event when I turned up to crew. The kit and set dressing was truly amazing and all the players were awesome.

It honestly completely restored my faith in LRP, as I was pretty much resolved after some bad experiences not to do LRP again before I went to Mythlore.

For a new player wanting to come to Mythlore, I’d say have a look at the website as we update the information about the cultures and rules available and whatnot and develop a brief with us and we’ll work out some plot for you. Obviously, it’s easier to work out plot for groups, but we can also add a few odds and ends for individuals too. We want everyone to have *fun*, and get together for an awesome cinematic experience. That’s what it’s all about.


The next Mythlore event is another New Lands event.

Running September 21 – 23 – 2013 at Candleston in South Wales

There is plenty of Internet Support for the event.


The official site is: http://www.mythlorenewlands.com/

You can find the Facebook Group Page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mythlore/

The Facebook event page for the next game is : https://www.facebook.com/events/161836207248477/


The photographs for this piece are all provided by Ian Heath. You can see more of his event picture at the Facebook Group page.

I’d also like to thank Jackie Barlow and Terry Laverty for supplying the information for this piece

The Shambling Mound

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