This weekend Mandala LRP is running Alone 4 in the Drakelow Tunnels. The game looks to be highly combat orientated and my first impression is to expect something along the line of Aliens.

Interestingly Mandala use a late booking system – that is booking for the event is highly time limited. If I’m reading things right then it seems that booking opens a day before the game begins.

The location of Drakelow Tunnels is an interesting one. Originally built in World War 2 as an underground factory the tunnels then evolved into an regional control centre in the event of nuclear war .  That strikes me as a good setting for a game based inside an asteroid. There is also an element of coolness in playing in a bunker.

To learn  more about the tunnels take a look at these links:

If signing up for combat in an asteroid base is your kind of thing – and it does sound fun then event signup can be found here:

Good Hunting!

If you go – I’d love to see a review of some photographs!

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