This set of photographs come from the Balrog 2012 event. Every August,  Balrog Games runs a high fantasy event over the popular August Bank holiday. These games always feature a heady mixture or action, comedy, silliness and out and out scary plot. Probably what you would expect from group that has been playing for a very long time and which has a strong sense of the ridiculous.

This year Amy Millington became the game photographer and has kindly allowed me to use her images here. The result was an atmospheric set of photographs that captured the feeling of the event.  She has already offered to do the same for the 2013 event.

If you would like to know more about Balrog – take a look at the information for August 2013 – click here.

This leads me to a question. How do you photograph your events? Do you have an event photographer? Do you have a method of collecting photographs from players? I would love some feedback as I have a feeling that articles on recording games may well be useful. In this increasingly visual age we definitely need good LARP photography.


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