It’s becoming obvious to me that the Nordic and Scandinavian LARP scenes are full of exceptionally creative and innovative games. You can expect to hear more about these scenes in LARPBook.

For the moment I’ve like you to consider 2027 – Life After Capitalism. A Swedish game that takes a look at a near future experience in a world where capitalism and the global economy has collapsed. There are 2 websites for you to take a look at – One in Swedish and One in English.



As you might expect the one in games mother tongue has the most content – so if you can understand Swedish – go there.

First impressions on looking at this are:

    • The game is based in a real world that may happen.
    • There is strong emphasis on relationships, politics and things that make the world go round.
    • The game is developing a world – so players aren’t dumped into the new world but spend time working on what happened between now and the games setting. A nice idea this. Everyone needs to have the same understanding of the game world but achieving this can be hard.
    • Rather than putting the players in the position of questing of having a puzzle to solve – this is all about world building and creating something special.

What do I think – well I hope to hear more about games like this, and I know LARPBook will have more from our Northern European cousins as I already have articles and ideas to hand but in the meantime – this is a good source of inspiration for people looking to create something different using LARP.


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