Back in the good old days, when some of us we’re young, there were magical things called “flyers”. And these flyers were designed to advertise events and such, without the aid of a PC. Imagine that, a time before computers. These magical and mysterious objects held all the information needed for the fit, fine roleplayer to know exactly when an event was on and where he would be staying for the night.

I have recently found some of these ancient objects in Lee’s loft, which resulted in quite the nostalgia trip for Lee, and a question or two from me about what the hell these things were and whether or not he wished to be left alone with his box of memories. Anyway, it got me thinking that perhaps we should reintroduce and revive the “flyer” and hand them out to our resident players. There’d be info about the event, a review of the last event for those players with short memories, and a summary of PBM for those who can’t be arsed to read theirs. So players, what do you think?

Answers on a postcard (whatever they are).

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