Even the small may not be forgotten

Date of Event: 23 August 2013 at 17:00 until 26 August 2013 at 12:00

Location: SK11 0RA Barnswood Scout Camp
Forgotten” event will take place at Barnswood Scout camp near Leek.This is the ongoing campaign event from Balrog Gaming. New players are always welcome and can be slotted in with full character development.
For more information see www.balrog.co.uk .
The event will be held from the 22nd to the 26th of August 2013.

The event starts at 5pm on the 23rd through to midday on the 26th.
The game in time will be staggered starts from 4-7pm on the Friday to late finish on the Sunday. This gives those arriving late on Friday some time to get there after work. Plus allows a more relaxed pack up time and fond farewells on the Monday.There are limited bunks and spaces available. Please contact to see if there are any left before bookingTo reserve you place now it’s a £25 deposit with full payment required by the end of February 2013: Total is £71.50However you can set up a standing order (Bank details will be supplied on request) for £7.95 for 9 months; this option finishes October 7th 2012
There is also a food club which provides food from Friday evening till Monday morning at a cost of £20 a head which can be paid later in 2013 or added to the standing order to make it £10.17The following payment options come into force after the end of February

Between March 1st and the End of May only full Payment accepted of £80

Between June 1st and end of June only full payment accepted of £85

Between July 1st and the last day of July only full payment of £90 accepted

No payment accepted after this date

As a bonus Thursday the 23rd is a free night and its chance to just socialise.


If you wish to bring a friend please do so because we are trying to introduce new people to the system. We are limiting the places to 35 so everyone can have some sub plot. Also note it was first come first served when it comes to the bunks. Please contact 1st to check availability.

This event like previous Balrog events it offers excellent value for money with full character development and different levels of interaction as requested by the attendee. You get nearly 3 days of full Role play and a night to socialise should you wish.

If you wish to purely monster and NPC we can also accommodate this as well, however the system allows for individuals to do both throughout the weekend. (There is no price difference to do this)

For more information and to join the Balrog social network site please visit www.balrog.co.uk

Event synopsis:

There are things from the past that will come to haunt and hunt you. Not everyone were what they seemed, some were enemies and some friends, you need to choose who is who to fight the new threat

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